Battelle File Exchange

The Battelle File Exchange (FX) service provides for the secure transfer of large files (up to 1GB) over the Internet as an alternative to email and other traditional methods like File Transfer Protocol (FTP).  FX is available to all Battelle staff, contractors, clients, and partners.

To send files through FX, your Internet browser must support HTML5 and JavaScript (standard Battelle configuration for Internet Explorer includes such support).  File transfers use standard SSL and should work through most organizations' firewalls and proxies.  When a file is sent through FX, it is encrypted and placed in a unique area on the Battelle File Exchange server.  The system sends the recipient an email notification containing an Internet link to the file.  The recipient must have the unique link to retrieve the file.  The sender receives an email from the system confirming the upload and receives an email each time a file is downloaded by the recipient.  The initial confirmation email to the sender contains a link to view the file(s) sent and a link to delete the file collection.  File collections not deleted by the sender are automatically purged from the system after 7 days.

FX is approved for transmitting Battelle Public, Internal, Restricted, and Controlled classes of data.  Access to the File Exchange from within the Battelle network requires user authentication. Non-Battelle recipients aren’t required to authenticate if the sender opts out of the secure transfer mode (appropriate for Public and Internal data). For secure transfers, Non-Battelle recipients must authenticate through multifactor authentication (MFA). MFA requires the use of a Microsoft account, which is provisioned on-the-fly for first-time users. For more information on non-Battelle account setup for FX, click here.

To send a file
  1. In the From: section, enter your name and email address if not already pre-populated.  This information will be pre-populated (auto-filled) for Battelle users connected to the network or for any user with a email address. Non-Battelle users can check the Remember Me box to store their name and email address for subsequent use.
  2. In the To: section, enter the email address of the recipient(s).  If sending the file(s) to multiple recipients separate their email addresses with commas.
  3. In the Notes box of the Files: section, enter any special comments/notes you would like to be included for the file recipient(s).
  4. The File Contains Restricted or Controlled Material checkbox should remain checked if your file falls under any of these data classifications. For more information on Battelle’s Data Classification, click here.
  5. In the Choose File(s) section, select a file to upload (send) by clicking the Choose Files button.  Multiple files may be selected.  After all files have been chosen, click the Upload button to upload the file(s) to the FX system.
To retrieve a file
  1. Click on the link marked Click Here, in the email from the sender with the subject New file(s) waiting for you at Battelle's File Exchange, to open a File Exchange web page containing a list of files sent to you.
  2. Left-click on each filename in the list to open the file or right-click on the filename(s) to save the file.
Additional help

If you need assistance, want to report an error, or suggest a program improvement, please send email to the Battelle CIT Service Desk.

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Files Contain Restricted or Controlled Material
Note: By deselecting this option, you are confirming that the file(s) you are sending do not contain Restricted or Controlled material. Please view the help page for more information if you are unsure of how to classify the file(s) you are sending.